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About Maarifa

Maarifa was founded on the idea that large scale change is possible when coalitions of willing people share in the same global vision and act accordingly. How to join


We promote the vision of the Conference of the Birds, a digital Silk Road and the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra.

Together, we form the artistic and musical background, to promote the realisation of an increasing number of musical sources of inspiration, people from all corners of the world shared at the Silk Road Cultural Belt.

Our purpose is to build a bridge to potential Sponsors and the international community to become part of this vision by creating together the financial conditions for the Callias Foundation to bring to life a vision of our time and to develop new forms to reach out to new audiences along the Silk Road Cultural Belt and beyond.

Founded in September 2016, Maarifa Promotions GmbH has worldwide operations including East Africa, Central Asia, China, Russia and South East Asia.

Ways to join


The cultural impact of Maarifa’s mission on the global international community as well as on the singular individuals in the Silk Road Cultural Belt is seen as a constant source of inspiration and innovation.

Maarifa targets a variety of stakeholders including individuals, corporate sector firms, foundations and other sponsors.


The digital community reached in cooperation with our partners is at present comprised of 50.000 highly engaged individuals who visit the Silk Road Cultural Belt every month from all over the world. This achievement validates the ongoing impact of Maarifa & Callias in providing meaningful content and resources.


The physical community consists of those individuals who have engaged in the activities of the SRSO in Berlin and those that will engage in future events in the SRCB countries.

“ An African proverb says “Birds sing not because they have answers but because they have songs. The SRSO performs not because it has solutions but because it has music ”.



Maarifa draws its target geographical space from countries along the Silk Road Cultural Belt.

70% of our followers are 35 and younger, distributed in geographic areas including the following 10 top countries (in order of relevance): Ukraine, India, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Morocco, Pakistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil

Afghanistan—227 visitors

Armenia—6 cities

Austria —366 cities

Bangladesh—9 provinces

Belarus—37 cities

Belgium —175 cities

Cambodia, Phnom —1032 visitors

China—98 cities

Ethiopia—241 visitors

France—1310 cities

Georgia, Tibilisi—769 visitors

Germany—2399 cities

Great Britain—1310 cities

Greece—76 cities

Holland—274 cities

Hong Kong—343 visitors

India —315 cities

Iraq, Bagdad—2 visitors

Israel—97 cities

Italy—61 cities

Kazakhstan—29 cities

Kenia—40 visitors

Lithuania—30 cities

Mexico—278 cities

Mongolia—102 visitors

Nepal—3 cities

Pakistan—48 cities

Poland—1037 cities

Russia—631 cities

Saudi Arabia—16 cities

Spain—476 cities

Sudan—253 visitors

Syria—49 visitors

Tadjikistan, Dushanbe—44 visitors

Tanzania—5 cities

Turkey—421 cities

Ukraine—554 cities

USA—731 cities